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Make An Offer On Corporate Owned Properties

We are excited you are making your dream of owning a home a reality.  When you are ready and decide to make an offer on one of our exclusive properties, please make sure to fill out all of the information.  Any information not included or incorrect will delay your process.  We at Florida Capital Realty are happy to help you in the offer process.

HomePath® Online Offers

Instructions for Submitting Your Offer

The seller, Fannie Mae, has directed that all offers on this listing be made online on

Selling Agents (agents representing buyers) who wish to make an offer on a Fannie Mae REO property within

California, Florida, and Wayne County, MI are required to submit offers through the Online Offers system.

HomePath® Online Offers was designed to ease and create transparency during the offer submission process with

the following features:

An easy to use, selfservice offer submission system that can be assessed through the website

 A transparent offer process that keeps Selling Agents informed of the status of their clients’ offers on

HomePath properties listed on

 Improved communication between the Selling Agent and the Listing Broker regarding offers on HomePath properties listed on the HomePath website Instructions for Submitting Your Offer

 If you already have a HomePath account, go to and click the “Log In” button.

When prompted, enter your ID and password. Locate the listing in which you are interested in the Online

Offers markets. Click the ‘Make an Offer’ button to submit your offer.

If you do not have an agent account on, search the listing in which you are interested in the

Online Offers markets, click the “Make an Offer” button, click the “Register Now” button, and continue

through the registration and offer process. Registration is only necessary the first time you log in to make an


Additional Resources

 Agents may access training materials and webinars by visiting:

Real Estate Professionals may call the HomePath Online Offers Customer Support line at 8662184446 with


Online Offers Overview

Information for Real Estate Professionals

For Support and Questions, Call 1 8662184446

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